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Drizzle Me Skinny - WW Recipes app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 9088 ratings )
Health & Fitness Food & Drink
Developer: Kate Cross
1.99 USD
Current version: 6.0.3, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 01 May 2015
App size: 98.35 Mb

Are you following weight watchers and looking for some friendly recipes to have handy? With over 100 weight watcher low point recipes, this cookbook app is for you.

Drizzle Me Skinny has ideas for any meal including breakfast, dinner, dessert and lots of baking recipes as well as snack ideas. All recipes are kept simple and you don’t need to be experienced in the kitchen to make them. I’ve kept all of the recipes to require just a few simple ingredients that will take little time to prepare.

Weight watcher point values are listed for each recipe as well as step-by-step instructions. Every recipe includes pictures of the final meal with photos along the way to make sure the recipes are easy to follow. There are plenty of options to choose from - dessert ideas, baked goods, and even every day dinner ideas. Desserts can often be something we tend to pass on with them having too many points, but we don’t have to, we should all be allow to enjoy some dessert.

With Drizzle Me Skinny, I have found a way to create delicious tasting treats and point friendly meals to keep your sweet tooth satisfied. There are several ideas to impress your guests and they will never think it’s a weight watcher recipe! Or, perhaps you are looking for a quick appetizer to take along with you to the next party your attending. Either way, you won’t be disappointed with the variety of recipes to choose from.

About My Journey

I have been a weight watcher lifetime member for 17 years, but fell of track after first earning my lifetime status and struggled for several years to try and earn it back. In 2014 I committed to weight watchers once again, I put in the hard work and dedication and within a year I was able to lose the 50 lbs. I had been holding onto for far too long.
This time around I got more creative in the kitchen, I had to because I sacrificed going out to eat so that I could be in more control of what I was eating and how many points I was consuming. So baking became my passion, I was determined to create low point weight watcher friendly foods that everyone could enjoy. I have a picky daughter who enjoyed most of my recipes, I didn’t want them tasting boring and bland so she was the perfect taste tester. I also love taking simple foods and creating delicious snacks, with a little “good” and a little “bad” you can create a delicious snack to cure any food craving that might come on.

Weight Watchers is a lifestyle change for me, its not a “diet”, I choose to live this way and count points. I still get to enjoy all my favorite foods but the key is to enjoy them in moderation. These recipes will definitely help you stay on track during your weight loss journey. Good luck to you!

Drizzle Me Skinny App Features
- Over 100 Recipes!
- Recipes from different categories
- Easy to use recipes
- Photos with every recipe included
- Weight Watcher friendly!

Pros and cons of Drizzle Me Skinny - WW Recipes app for iPhone and iPad

Drizzle Me Skinny - WW Recipes app good for

Kate is a inspiration. This app is THE BEST, she makes things simple , easy and minimal ingredients. The best part is she adds points plus values to her food recipes for weight watchers!!! Cant wait till she adds more
This is a must have app for anyone who is following weight watchers or those who are watching what they eat! Recipes are delish! And I love that you can search by course or by points!
I really like how you can check off the item youve added to the recipe, makes cooking easier! The recipes are easy to make and very good. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to be successful on weight watchers.

Some bad moments

Oh my ga this app is GREAT!!! Thank you Kate for making this amazing app. Its wonderful!
My favorite recipe app by far! I love how I can easily scroll through the recipes by picture after selecting my criteria of searching by meal or Weight Watchers points. And who doesnt want delicious 2PP donuts!!! Yum!
Im not much of a cook, I do like to bake however. Kates recipes are simple yet full of flavor! Really takes out the guess work for figuring out points as shes done it for us! I highly recommend this app. PS the butterfinger donuts are my favorite so far! Really curbs that donut run urge for 2pp each is guilt free & filling!!
I really like the app so far along with the simplicity and variety of the recipes, but I would love to see more added. I find myself looking through the same ones over and over. At least would like access to all that are on the website.
If you are on weight watchers, or just want lower calorie recipes, this is a great app. Lots of very yummy recipes!
Wonderful recipes that you can follow while still doing Weight Watchers and your family will enjoy them too!!

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